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Day 5. No new stuff.

I started participating in The Compact this year, and today marks Day 5 since I "fell off the wagon" on January 23rd. OK, to be fair, I made a purchase that I was obligated to make at some point this year. See, last year I signed up for one of those book-of-the-month club things, and I could just wait for the club to pick my books for me and consider it a "subscription" (which is allowed, but only if you don't renew), but instead I decided to suck it up, buy the two books I was still obligated to buy, and then not use the membership again this year.

Which brings me to January 23, the day I actually did all that. Previously, I had only bought yarn since about January 11th. I don't plan on participating in this for a whole year, but I think it's prime for a 100-day Challenge, so I will do that.

Anyway, today is Day 5 of 100 days of not buying anything new. No books. No clothes. Nada.

The exceptions are health and hygiene types of things, non-physical stuff (like music downloads), video rentals, food, fuel for the car, and shoes (good shoes being a health issue as well as a fashion one). I added to that things that are required for my job, like software and business attire (because I am not permitted to wear junky jeans on business trips).

The idea behind the Compact is to break the cycle of consumerism-- last year I spent over $1200 at Amazon.com, more than $100/month, and that doesn't even mention all the other ways I bled money like a hemophiliac. It would be fine if I spent money on enriching my world or my health, but most of it went to crappy "toys," books (not crappy), food that hasn't helped my waistline, and stuff I didn't need and can do without.

The last time I completed a 100-day journey, I ended up playing my dulcimer so much, I was able to perform several classical music pieces, something I hadn't been able to do previously. I look forward to seeing how this new endeavor changes my life.
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