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I am not a...

21 days

It's been 21 days since I started The Compact (no buying anything new for 100 days). 21%!!!

I slid a little last week. I bought my favorite card game in Spanish. It came out in November, and we wanted to buy it then, but waited until we had signed up for a Spanish class this semester. I also bought a roll of packing tape and some digital tapes (for work).

Other things I bought that are within the rules:
  • Food (obviously)
  • Used Spanish textbook. It was a misprint, and there are about 10 pages in the back that are damaged, but instead of returning it, we're patching it and using it.
  • The previously-mentioned yarn (an art supply)
  • 3 DVDs, used
  • 2 bags of squeakers for dog toys. I used one squeaker to make a toy for my cat, and am putting the others in my pet sitting bag (I'm a pet sitter) for patching toys for my clients.
  • Some software and online website memberships. I've really cut back on this, though, and only buy the programs and memberships I need or have really thought about. But at least the resources that get used in making software are pretty low-impact, and they don't fill my house with clutter.
Thanks to having a home that is overflowing with "stuff," I was able to supply my husband and myself with notebooks for our class without having to go out and buy new. Today is Valentine's Day, and I already told him to raid my closet for arts and crafts supplies to make me a card (it would be a first!)

In other words, my 100-day journey is going well.
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