I am not a... (mortaine) wrote in onehundreddays,
I am not a...

Forty Days....

Forty days into my Compact of not buying anything new. How am I doing?

What I've bought (off-Compact):
• Spanish Fluxx
• Index cards (for Spanish class-- I can't think of a decent substitute)
• A MacBook Pro - my computer died, and I do need to work.
• Parallels software - not available as a download-only version.
• Remote Buddy software - download-only (and therefore somewhat on-Compact)
• A couple of fish and some aquarium plants (the Compact doesn't address pets and plants but most people consider plants to be Compacted).

What I'm spending my money on these days:
  • Lots of dining out! I need to stop doing this, but it's been difficult lately.
  • Gas for my car.
  • Fish care things, though I'm starting to subsidize this by selling off some of my fish and fishkeeping equipment.
  • Memberships in professional organizations as well as AAA.
  • Postage for mailing books from BookMooch
  • Cell phone
  • Web hosting
  • Hipcast (I need to cancel this)
  • Feedburner
  • Software
Biggest victory: Not buying any new books or, aside from the laptop, electronics.

Biggest weak moment: Impulse-bought a printer when I ordered the laptop, but I'm going to return it unopened, now that I've come to my senses.
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