Miss Adora-Monkey-Schneezle-Girl (pookfreak) wrote in onehundreddays,
Miss Adora-Monkey-Schneezle-Girl

100 Days of Cranes

Hi - Just joined the community (thanks to surrealestate for the pointer) and started a 100 day challenge on Jan. 4th.

My challenge is to make an origami crane every day for 100 days. The challenge isn't making the cranes but to stick to the challenge because even though it's not difficult to do, it's sometimes hard for me to remember to do something that has to be done regularly, done. So this is more of a mental exercise to try to work on those mental muscles and beef them up a bit.

So far so good but it's early yet.

ps Thanks surrealestate for the nifty script to determine when our last day is and what day we're on.
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