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onehundreddays's Journal

A Hundred Day Journey
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There is a tradition in internal arts that in 100 days of concentrated training, even seemingly unattainable things become possible.
(- From The Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School's 100 Day Program)
One hundred days. Just over three months, like a long summer vacation. What can we accomplish? It can be anything: art, a spritual practice, music, fitness, writing, thinking, anything. Choose your goal and share it with the rest. Give updates, inspiration, and support, and take the same from the journeys of others.

Everyone is free to join, whether you are currently within a journey, about to start one, just thinking about the idea, or simply want to watch and support others.

Figure out your hundredth day and find out where you are along the way.
Enter your first day:

“A hundred days is a lifetime, and also a single breath."